In many residential and commercial properties across the country, carpeting is still the preferred type of flooring. One of the main reasons for this preference is that it absorbs sound unlike other types of flooring. Carpeting also absorbs spills and is, therefore, less likely to show soiling. Carpeting is also easier to maintain than other types of flooring such as hard surface flooring.

Even though carpeting is such an amazing type of flooring, the reality is that eventually it does get dirty and will require cleaning. Today, there are many ways to clean carpeting with some being more effective than others are. Even though there are many ways to clean carpets, the most popular trend currently is to use low moisture cleaning methods.

What is Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Many cleaning professionals ( like this Gold Coast-based carpet cleaner ) in the carpet cleaning industry agree that using excessive amounts of water to clean carpets does more harm than good. As a result, they agree about moving towards low-moisture cleaning methods.

Low-moisture cleaning of carpets refers to those procedures or methods of cleaning that enable the fibers of the carpet to dry to their natural state in no more than two hours. Even though such environmental factors as humidity and temperature do affect the rate of drying, the aim here is to ensure that the carpeting dries within the shortest time possible.
There are several different carpet cleaning methods that qualify as low-moisture. Most of it depends on whether the carpeting requires ‘interim’ cleaning or the thorough ‘restorative’ cleaning.

Interim Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Interim cleaning is the ‘routine maintenance’ of the carpet, which means that the carpet is not overly soiled. The cleaning methods interim cleaning involves include bonnet cleaning or shampooing, thorough vacuuming using encapsulation or ‘dry’ cleaning methods.
Interim cleaning methods are great since they help in reducing the development of visibly soiled areas also known as traffic lanes as well as to help maintain the appearance of the carpet.

Restorative Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Restorative low-moisture carpet cleaning refers to the procedures or methods of cleaning carpets that have either not been cleaned for a long time or are loaded with stains, spills, spots, or soils. Restorative cleaning procedures are more effective and necessary to remove deeply embedded spills, soils, stains, or spots.

Usually, for restorative carpet cleaning services, the method commonly used is hot-water extraction. The method is available in either portable machines or truck-mounted systems. If the carpeting is to be cleaned in the house then the portable system will be the one to be used. Luckily, some of the portable systems are quite powerful and they offer similar cleaning power to that of a truck mounted system.

The types of cleaning wand, the power of the equipment, as well as the amount of water used are all factors that qualify a machine as low-moisture or not. Some of the low-moisture systems use less than one gallon of water per minute to clean, which is significantly less than conventional machines as well as older carpet extractors.
Simply put, using powerful vacuums, less, water, along with wands with improved airflow are the main factors that will qualify machines as being low-moisture carpet cleaners.

Hot Water Systems

Coupling low-moisture carpet cleaning with the use of hot water is great for several reasons. First, the heated water will help the carpeting dry faster. In addition, the heated water helps improve the effectiveness of some of the cleaning chemicals. This means that less water and chemicals are necessary for cleaning heavily soiled areas.


Low-moisture carpet cleaning methods are quite effective than the traditional methods. Low-moisture methods such as encapsulation ensure that you never have to destroy the carpet fibers since they are essentially ‘dry’ methods. Others such as the restorative procedures also make use of small amounts of water ensuring that the carpet dries faster after cleaning. If you are considering getting your carpet cleaned then you should be looking into low-moisture cleaning methods.