Here at Top Carpet Business we offer the following services;

Carpet Cleaning:

Whether it’s cleaning up after the kids or your pets or getting ready to sell your home, you need to have those carpets looking as good as new. And that’s what you get when you us. Clean carpets!
We use powerful shampooing techniques to remove all the deep down dirt and grime and leave your carpets clean and dry and looking fantastic again.

Cleaning Up After Water Damage:

If disaster strikes and your carpets get flooded you need to take action quickly. This can happen so easily; we’ve seen carpets flooded by overflow from washing machines and dishwashers to burst pipes and even leaky roofs! Call us for fast action to restore your carpets and flooring.

Upholstery and Leather Cleaning:

Lets face it, your lounge chairs can get soiled and dirty over time too. You’ll be amazed at how great they’ll look again after we’ve finished with them! We also clean the seats in your car or even your boat too. Give us a call for a quick quote. We also look after your leather furniture. I’m sure you will have noticed that leather gets soiled very quickly. Leather is a natural product that can dry out. We can clean and restore your leather so that it looks brand new again. We even do leather repairs.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

It doesn’t take long for the grouting and tiles in your bathroom to start to look soiled. Having them cleaned can produce amazing results that you’ll be proud of! Got a spare bathroom but too embarrassed to have guests stay over due to the state of the grouting? Don’t despair we can give you a nice discount if you have 2 bathrooms areas for us to clean.

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CB Top Operates in the Following Centres:
Gold Coast (ATLG Carpet Cleaners)
Sunshine Coast Carpet Cleaners
Brisbane (Absolute Carpet Care)
Canberra (ATLG Carpet Cleaners)
Newcastle (ATLG Carpet Cleaners)
Adelaide (ATLG Carpet Cleaners)
Perth (ATLG Carpet Cleaners)